Birdwatching and the Avoca Kites

Red Kites were extinct in Ireland by the middle nineteenth century, due to persecution, poisoning and woodland clearance.

In 2007 the Irish Government announced an agreement to bring at least 100 Red Kites from Wales to restock the population as part of a 5-year programme in County Wicklow. The first thirty red kites were released in the County in July 2007. Some 29 birds have now been reared from nests in County Wicklow. 

Avoca in particular has become a point of focus for the birdwatching community as the Red Kite is now a common sight. Some evenings around Avoca you can observe 40 or 50 of them in the sky in the evening. In particular the Red Kite is often seen in the valley where Ashdene is located, with wonderful viewings possible from the grounds of Ashdene itself!


The Red Kite The Red Kite (Photo: T. Kraft)