About Avoca

The Avoca River Valley area and the Village of Avoca are set in the heart of Co. Wicklow mid-way between the larger towns of Wicklow and Arklow. It is a very picturesque valley with a colourful backdrop of deciduous forests which give it a colourful appearance for 9 months of the year. Its beauty inspired the immortal words of the poet Thomas Moore when he wrote about Avoca that:

"There is not in this wide world a valley so sweet as that vale in whose bosom the bright waters meet"

Its beauty has been seen around the world in the scenic rural views shown on the BBC TV series Ballykissangel, much of which was filmed in Avoca and the surrounding area.

The scenically located Avoca village developed on a bridging point on the Avoca river which winds its way lazily in a south-easterly direction in its floodplain to the sea at Arklow. Architecturally, the old and the new blend well to make Avoca one of the most interesting villages in Ireland. This small linear village has a recently restored 19th century courthouse adjacent to the riverside park, the older terraced shops and residences and the more recently constructed modern housing along the roads which extend out from the main village.

The Avoca area has a rich heritage which is dominated by agriculture, mining, forestry and tourism. The Avoca Handweavers, reputed to be the oldest weaving mill in Ireland, has been weaving colourful and quality tweed garments for many years. It was started in the last century because of the availability of wool supplied from the sheep of the local farmers. The origins of the mining industry, which was mainly for copper, dates back to the middle of the 18th century. The ruins of the old steam engine houses and the few old slag heaps and open pits bear testament to a mining industry which once flourished in the area. The evidence of the mining industry can be easily seen along the lovely walks and drives around the area. The Avoca area is richly covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. These surround the green pastures for cattle and sheep and provide a colourful environment with picnic areas and forest walks.

Miners in 1945, Avoca Copper Mines, Co Wicklow Miners in 1945, Avoca Copper Mines, Co Wicklow

Avoca Handweavers, Avoca Village - Ireland's Oldest Mill Avoca Handweavers, Avoca Village - Ireland's Oldest Mill